Entrepreneurial Ministry = Purpose Driven Life

When your career becomes an entrepreneurial ministry, then your living a purpose driven life.

Your career is a ministry when …

  • You view what you do as serving others in God’s name.
  • You help others without the expectation of getting anything in return.
  • You are not driven by the need to receive credit, applause or attention. You are driven by love for God.
  • Your motives are pure because you have your love priorities straight.
    1. Love God first. You’ve built a relationship with Him.
    2. Love others second. You exist to serve people. People don’t exist to serve you.
  • You do not think less of yourself, but rather think of yourself less. You die to self in order to love and serve others. Your influence is derived from that servant-authority.
  • Your power is derived from your relationship with God and His purpose for you. You power is not derived from your status, role or title.
  • You are humble. True humility is the final repudiation of self-righteousness, i.e. the rejection of the very idea that your way is better, that somehow you’d be more, accomplish more, or reach more of your potential if you rejected God’s will for your own.
  • You realize when you’re under attack, you must be doing God’s will, as the One in the World hates when that happens. He will hurl lies and accusations at you to throw you off.
  • You realize the One in You is greater than the One in the World, and you live your life in a calm, assertive, compassionate, peaceful, loving manner.
  • You are grateful for the group of people God has aligned you with for help and support. Without these people in your life, you truly know you would not be where you are right now.
  • You are secure with the fundamental truth … that in all circumstances God is working for your good because you love Him and are called according to His purpose. You trust that in all things, He is the Ideal Team Player and has your back.
  • If someone gets testy with you or puts you down, you consider how you can encourage them.
  • You haven’t fallen in love with your own name, i.e. your own reputation and influence. You understand that self-love is the main ingredient for your undoing.
  • You value people more than you value the rules of tradition. That doesn’t mean you rebelliously flout the rules, but it does mean you respect the possibility a custom could overstay its welcome. You always choose the welfare of people over the shouts of, “This is the way we have always done it!” or “These are the rules!”

When your life becomes an entrepreneurial ministry, then your living a purpose driven life.

Published by Marc Casciani

I’m a life coach that helps people find purpose through mental stillness. I train them to operate within the power of the Holy Spirit to craft their calling.

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