My Pap, Happy and Likable

That's my grandfather and my son, 94 and 14 years of age, respectively.  Yes, that's a delta of 80.  On this Father's Day, I'm going to have the pleasure of eating dinner with both of them.  I am thankful to have that opportunity. My pap is veteran of the Second World War.  He was in the… Continue reading My Pap, Happy and Likable


boot·strap·ping. 1.    to help oneself without the aid of others; using one's own resources. She spent years bootstrapping herself through college. 2.    to succeed only by one's own efforts or abilities. I admire him for pulling himself up by his own bootstraps. In today's team-based cultures, we can't lose sight of the need… Continue reading Bootstrapping

Prune Yourself into a Genius

Contrary to popular belief, I subscribe to the notion that geniuses are made not born.  Becoming a genius is within your reach, no matter your race, gender, color, creed or social status. Geniuses learn their actions open up opportunity.  They understand their job is to solve interesting problems and to lead.  They are generously persistent,… Continue reading Prune Yourself into a Genius

Just Say No

Natural does not mean good.  We have many desires that feel natural, however if we act on those desires, the end result could hurt ourselves or others.  Call them what you want ... compulsions, habits, lusts, drives, desires, or attractions ... they make you feel like you have no choice but to do them.  You… Continue reading Just Say No

The Other AI

AI is all the buzz today.  My guess is that many people use the term without truly understanding what it means.  AI is nebulous, mystical, sexy.  Much sexier than the phrases Big Data or Big Data 2.0. AI stands for artificial intelligence.  It is simply a different way to look at data using very fast,… Continue reading The Other AI


In American football, there is a position called an H-back.  The position was created by Coach Joe Gibbs when he was head coach of the Washington Redskins from 1981 to 1992 as a direct response to the Lawrence Taylor era of the New York Giants.  Taylor was a dominant linebacker at the time.  Offensive formations that utilize… Continue reading H-Back

Lead with Leftovers

There is a saying in sports to "leave it all on the field".  It means to hold nothing back.  Put it all on the line.  Don't end the game feeling like you could have done more.  Give 110%.  Don't regret leaving anything left in your tank. When applied to life, there's a problem with this… Continue reading Lead with Leftovers

Jack of One Trade

This week, Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman helped me realize I am a "Jack of One Trade".  And that trade is in harmony with my life's purpose.  In fact, it is my purpose.  I have no doubt it's why I'm here. In the article, Glenn says, "People who seem to be a jack of all trades… Continue reading Jack of One Trade

Showing Up Human

I used to think I had to be perfect.  Wake up every day and bring my A-game.  The bar was set so high, I always fell short.  All that did was create stress. I used to think I had to have a plan.  A plan for this and that.  My days were so planned there… Continue reading Showing Up Human

The Personal Control System – A Tale of Two Outputs

A personal control system produces desired feelings and behaviors.  The system itself does not care about the outputs.  It is programmed to do something and just does it, converting inputs to outputs using a feedback loop. Do you have one?  Yes, we all have one.  The better question is, is yours producing something good and… Continue reading The Personal Control System – A Tale of Two Outputs