Humble Pie

Eating humble pie is like eating liver.  It does not taste very good, but it's good for you. Some facts about humble pie: Ego and humble pie do not mix.  They are like oil and water. Ingredients are: Wisdom Love Patience Humility It can only be served in relationships.  You can't eat it alone. After… Continue reading Humble Pie

The Sound of Quiet

The sound of quiet is my favorite sound.  Do you know what it sounds like? When I am able to hear it, here's what happens: I do my best thinking. I connect with God and build my relationship with him. I am able to see how God is in working in all things for my… Continue reading The Sound of Quiet

Serving Behavior

Fact or fiction?  You are who you are because you chose to be that way. Fact. You might be saying, "nonsense".  I'm a product of my parents, my childhood, my education (or lack of), my circumstances. I agree with you that those things are variables in your life that have shaped you.  However, I'm asking… Continue reading Serving Behavior

The Good Fight Habit

Reflect on this:  Do you make a habit of fighting the good fight?  That is, do you stick up for and defend doing the right thing? There are three keys in being able to do it: Discerning what's right Ignoring what's not right, i.e. the distractions Having the physical and mental energy to fight Discerning… Continue reading The Good Fight Habit

Active Patience

Good things happen when we're patient, but only if we remain active. What? Active patience?  That's an oxymoron. Not an "empty" active where you're just doing things to stay busy. Rather, an "intentional" active where you're meaningfully serving others. Carve out daily quiet time for yourself to reflect on who and how you can serve.… Continue reading Active Patience

The Promise of Accessibility

One of the keys to success in today's professional climate is making your clients and colleagues feel you are accessible.  If they feel accessible, then they feel heard.  If they feel heard, then you're telling them they matter.  Their opinion of you and loyalty to you is a function of your accessibility and feeling heard. … Continue reading The Promise of Accessibility

Being Made Right

I'm convinced life is simple.  We tend to make it complex.  It can be summed up in one word, relationship. It's what we crave.  It's what we seek.  But we often get it wrong.  Why? It goes back to our origin, which is not what you think.  It's not the origin of time, or even… Continue reading Being Made Right

The Scientist and The Subject

Any good financial advisor will tell you the best long-term investment strategy is to diversify for a smoother ride.  As with finance, the best long-term strategy for a meaningful life involves diversifying investments in your time and money.  To find your life's purpose, your "time and money portfolio" should include the following funds: Growth Fund… Continue reading The Scientist and The Subject

Interrupting Impulses

Your impulses are either working for you or against you.  When you're feeling generous, your action benefits others.  When you're angry, your tendency is to lash out.  When someone hurts you, you want revenge.  Self-control is learning how to interrupt your impulses by connecting with your goals during those crucial moments.  Create rules for how… Continue reading Interrupting Impulses

Myth Buster: People Are Basically Good

Do you believe people are basically good?  I must admit, I used to hold this belief.  You might be thinking ... Marc, what a "glass as half empty" view of humanity.  Please hear me out. First, let's examine us in our natural state as small children.  We want to be feed.  We want to be… Continue reading Myth Buster: People Are Basically Good