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Hi. I’m Marc Casciani. Welcome to MindWolves. I’m so glad you stopped by.

I created MindWolves for caring professionals who want to find their dream job and do work that really matters. For people who crave to discover that one thing they apply many different ways to many different situations. It’s what they enjoy doing moment to moment, day after day, year after year.

I call this your craft and when you’re doing it, time flies. Work does not seem like work. The quest to find it takes time and commitment, however it will take less time with my help.

Why? Because I’ve been there. I’ve walked the journey and want you to benefit from my experiences.

I would humbly welcome the opportunity to serve you. I believe you’ll find me to be part alpha wolf and part caring shepherd. Alpha wolves lead and defend their pack. Caring shepherds correct and heal their flock. The net effect is a courageous and compassionate servant that will help build your craft and shape you to do work that really matters.

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Build Your Craft and Do Work That Matters

Life is simple.  We tend to make it complex.  Our main purpose is to love and be loved.  That’s why we’re here.  Imagine waking up every day and focusing on that simple fact.  Wouldn’t life be awesome?

Cathedral Rock is a rock formation in Sedona, AZ.  It’s my favorite place on Earth and where I do my best thinking.

Well, what are you waiting for?  I know, I know, let me guess.  You have to go to class.  You need that degree.  You have to go to work.  You need a promotion.  The kids need to go to school.  You have to make more money.  You need a bigger house.  You don’t have enough things.  You need to make more “friends” on Facebook.

Since when did life become about the pursuit of more?  When did we start to believe these myths:

  • Having more will bring me happiness
  • Having more will make me important
  • Having more will give meaning to my life

More stuff is just noise.  It gets in the way of our main purpose.  It creates daily, self-induced stress, which is like always waking up to a cloudy, rainy day.  Have you ever noticed how you feel when you wake up to a sunny day?  How would like to wake up to a sunny day every day for the rest of your life?  How would you like to be both ambitious and content? 

Ambition and contentment have nothing to do with each other.  Contentment isn’t laziness, complacency or apathy.  It’s enjoying what you have right now instead of waiting for something else to happen so you can be happy.  It doesn’t mean you don’t have goals.  It simply means you’re happy with what you have.

I have good news for you.  Gaining this perspective is possible, and you’re at the right place.  The process is simple, but not quick.  It will require daily progress, step by step.  Some days, you’ll take giant leaps.  Others, baby steps.  Either way, you’ll be headed in the right direction, and I’ll be right by your side to help. 

What’s the secret of living in every situation, whether it’s with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little?  What’s the secret to always waking up to sunny days and being able to love and be loved?  You must build your craft.  That’s right.  You get to define it.  The one craft you were meant to do.  You’re not an object aimlessly floating in the ocean of life.  Rather, you’re a ship in control of your destination.

“We can choose the sounds we want to listen to; we can choose the taste we want in food, and we should choose to follow what is right. But first of all we must define among ourselves what is good.” (Job 34:3-4)

Now, you have a choice to make.  You can stop reading and go back to the noise, stress and chaos of your current life.  Or, you can click on Cathedral Rock above to set your new direction, build your craft and live a life of significance.

“I read What Color is Your Parachute years ago, and it was the catalyst to propel my career in the right direction. Even though I reached the heights of success, I found myself feeling unfulfilled and saying ‘there has to be more to life’? The Fordriven Process helped me find life’s holy grail.”

Martin M., President of F.N.B. Insurance

“I gave up my career to stay at home and help raise my two kids. While I have no regrets, now that the kids are older and are not as dependent on me, I found myself lost and unsure what to do with my life. That is, until I became a Jack of One Trade. I have a new lease on life and am living with purpose and passion.”

Deborah C., Founder of BlueCairo Consulting

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