The Forgiveness Quiz

Pastor Rick Warren gave me this quiz recently.  I passed.  Before reading any further, please take it by deciding if each statement is true or false.  A person should not be forgiven until asking for it.  Forgiving includes minimizing the offense and the pain caused.  Forgiveness includes restoring trust and reuniting a relationship.  You haven’t… Continue reading The Forgiveness Quiz

Love & Dominoes

What if I told you that you have something in you that is stronger than anything this world can produce? Would you believe me? Something greater than anything life could throw at you. Something that you’ve had since you were conceived. Something that has been attempting to grow since you were born. When you were… Continue reading Love & Dominoes

No Excuses

Do you have a special day of reflection and rest during the week, i.e. a Sabbath?  There are no excuses not to have one, even during your busiest of times.  If fact, that's when you need it the most. A day when you don't do any real work and rest your body. A day where you decompress, have fun and… Continue reading No Excuses

The Battle of the Mind (Part 2)

The outcome of daily battles that occur in your mind between the you want to be and your old self, pop culture and Satan is determined by what and how you think.  Knowing your enemies and the strategies and tactics they employ to keep you depressed, hold you back and create chaos in your life… Continue reading The Battle of the Mind (Part 2)

The Battle of the Mind (Part 1)

Whether you realize it or not, every new day when your eyes open, heart beats, lungs breathe, and blood flows is a gift.  It is a new day of opportunity and possibility.  Be grateful for it.  Be a good steward of it. To do that, you must recognize that your day will be a series… Continue reading The Battle of the Mind (Part 1)

Just Keep Looking, Looking, Looking

I reject the premise that there are unmotivated people.  I believe everyone is motivated by something.  We're just motivated by different things.  Motivation is an art, not a science.  The trick is to first learn and then lead.  Learn what someone wants, then you can lead them to do what you want. Most people I've… Continue reading Just Keep Looking, Looking, Looking

When No One is Looking

If you want to know who you really are, what you're really like, then there's an easy litmus test: How do you act when no one is looking? ... or a slightly modified version is: How do you act when your son, daughter or spouse is looking? Having the mental awareness to ask yourself these… Continue reading When No One is Looking