It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won’t you be my neighbor?

The late, great Fred Rogers treated everyone like a neighbor. When Mister Rogers extended the invitation, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” he was genuinely humanizing each of us and modeling the behavior of a loving neighbor. It was the same model of love the Good Samaritan offered to the beaten, nearly dead stranger on the side of the road in the Bible. This standard of behavior is hard. It shouldn’t be, but it is. These books will give you the key to unlocking that door.

Renew your mind. Transform your career. Influence your neighborhood.

Craft Your Calling prepares you for your calling. A calling is a worthy occupation where one derives meaning. It requires hunger and passion. It leverages the one true gift we have. We’re all here for a reason. We’re all here to do something great. But it’s not through our career. It’s through our calling. The Bible says in Ephesians 4:1 that we are to “live up to the life which God called you.” You will learn to wake up every single day and continually, steadfastly feed your good wolf. As you feed your good wolf, you will craft your calling. Let’s start your adventure.

Neighborly Love reveals the secret thread that forges friendship despite enormous differences in class, temperament, culture, race, sensibility, and personal history. Friendship that is about something. An underlying commonality that builds the most powerful, cohesive team. Our commitment to express neighborly love is only possible after we love God first with all our heart and mind. It’s conditional and in that order. Love God first. Love your neighbor as yourself second. The latter will happen when the former is done. It’s that simple.

So many of us buy books, purchase videos and subscribe to self-help services, only to fall short of finishing them. Why? It seems like the focus is on the teaching, not the learning, i.e. the teacher not the student. Self-help teachers get rich and famous, but students don’t even graduate. Research shows we are generally bad at finishing what we start.

I looked for books that would help me by serving me, where the author would be someone who would personally and figuratively “hold my hand” so that I would finish what I started. When I couldn’t find those books, I decided to write them.

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