Neighbor, You Can Count on (Imperfect) Me

I am imperfect. No matter how hard I try, I simply can’t get it right. Despite my best efforts, I somehow find a way to make someone unhappy with me. It makes me sad, but it doesn’t make me want to quit. In fact, after I allow myself to grieve, I am motivated to learnContinue reading “Neighbor, You Can Count on (Imperfect) Me”

Neighbor-Zone Resilience

How do we become more resilient over time? Without challenges, without stress, our resilience is not tested. In 2007, my children’s resilience was low. In 2022, they are two very resilient young adults. Simply stated, resilience is the capacity to recover from difficulties. In the professions of engineering and construction, resilience is the ability toContinue reading “Neighbor-Zone Resilience”

Get in the Neighbor-Zone

There are some problems for which the solution is a win-win for everyone. However, they are rare. The most significant solutions are win-lose. Someone is going to lose in the short run. That’s the problem of life. You’re going to lose more often than you win. How one handles those losses make the difference inContinue reading “Get in the Neighbor-Zone”

Finding Happiness in the Neighbor-Zone

The pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right with which we are endowed by our Creator. That is a self-evident truth as stated in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. It’s as true today as it was in 1776. As with any pursuit, it’s always helpful to know where you’re going.Continue reading “Finding Happiness in the Neighbor-Zone”