Bringing It Back to What’s Important

This week Hillsdale College granted me early access to a new free online course they are offering, “Supply-Side Economics and American Prosperity with Arthur Laffer.” I am a member of their Liberty & Learning Society, and the offer was extended to me by them in gratitude for my partnership in supporting Hillsdale’s educational mission toContinue reading “Bringing It Back to What’s Important”

Your Letter to the World

Imagine something for a second. Imagine you’re writing a letter that will be public someday. Everyone can read it. That letter is your life. Every detail. What message would the letter convey? What personality and character would the main character of that letter have? Would people see a patient, meek, loving, and compassionate person? AsContinue reading “Your Letter to the World”

Rugged Neighborhoodism

Rugged individualism is a term that indicates that an individual is self-reliant and independent from outside assistance. The term was coined by United States president Herbert Hoover in his 1928 campaign speech. In late 1921, then secretary of commerce Hoover decided to distill from his experiences a coherent understanding of the American experiment he cherished.Continue reading “Rugged Neighborhoodism”

Workaholism vs. Neighborholism

The dictionary defines workaholism as a compulsion to work excessively hard and long hours. On the spectrum of work, it lies at the extreme right where work is an obsession. Your passion for work is greater than everything else in your life, and it gets prioritized above everything else. Effectively, you worship work as anContinue reading “Workaholism vs. Neighborholism”