It’s OK to Howl

Some people like to bully and be mean to other people.  Maybe there is something going on in their story, and they are taking it out on you. If it happens once, then ask them to not to it again.  If it happens a second time, then speak up and say STOP!  If the bully… Continue reading It’s OK to Howl

Wolf with a Better Cave

You may have a nice house, but someone might have a better house than you. They might brag or think they are better than you. Your friend might have more money than you too. Good for them, but don't brag. And if you have a nicer cave, share it. Don't show it off. Be nice.… Continue reading Wolf with a Better Cave

Man’s Best Friend

You might have a pet as a best friend. That's ok. Dog, cat, pig, frog and more. You love them and they love you, unconditionally. Spoil them, play with them a lot. You're responsible for them. It's amazing what they can do for your spirit. They're the best heart medicine in the world. They'll keep… Continue reading Man’s Best Friend

The Wolf Who Cried Human

One of the keys to wolves' survival is how they work as a pack to hunt and catch prey, feed their pups, and protect their territory. The pack protects the den by chasing away potential predators. The system works simply because there is trust among the members of the pack. Trust enables them to work in concert to serve their mutual interests.… Continue reading The Wolf Who Cried Human