The Wolf Who Cried Human


One of the keys to wolves’ survival is how they work as a pack to hunt and catch prey, feed their pups, and protect their territory. The pack protects the den by chasing away potential predators. The system works simply because there is trust among the members of the pack. Trust enables them to work in concert to serve their mutual interests. The system fails when trust is severed.

Think about that. The backbone is trust. Without it, the pack does not exist. They become dysfunctional and vulnerable to predators.

In the human world, the biggest threat to trust is lying. Good relationships don’t exist without openness and honesty.

And for the habitual liar, there is no trust, even when they speak the truth.

Do you want good relationships? Good friendships? Do not lie or say something fake. If you do, and do it too many times, no one will believe you when you are genuine.

Even the best jokes are based on truths, not lies. Before you try to be funny, think about what you’re saying. Being the brunt of someone’s joke is not fun, especially if it’s hurtful or based on a lie.

Lying hurts yourself and others. That’s why it’s a sin. In fact, the first sin involved a lie. That’s why we are commanded to not bear false witness.

Take the time to see what you are doing. Make the right choice. Do the right thing.

Published by Jarah Casciani

Jarah is a 5th grade student at Eden Hall Upper Elementary School in the Pine-Richland School District.

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