Your Letter to the World

Imagine something for a second. Imagine you’re writing a letter that will be public someday. Everyone can read it. That letter is your life. Every detail. What message would the letter convey? What personality and character would the main character of that letter have?

Would people see a patient, meek, loving, and compassionate person? As you interact with others in the letter, do they see something different in you that makes them curious and desirous for it themselves? Do they say, “There’s something about them I really like, and I wish I knew something of it in my own life.”

Whether you realize it or not, your life is a letter to the world. Live as though it will be published someday. At the end of your life, will it be a letter to be proud of? Will it be worthy of a, “Well done.”

Your life can be an open book for all to see the love of God in you – a love letter to the world. The markings will be there: Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Gentleness. Faithfulness. Self-Control.

Life is a laboratory of learning how to love. It’s the most important thing in life because God is love, and He wants you to become like Him. He wants to build your character. He’s more concerned about your character than your comfort.

The main tools that God uses to build your character are relationships with other people. Every day you get hundreds of opportunities to think about the other person instead of yourself. Those opportunities are the stories in your letter to the world.

Only you can determine the content of your letter and what it will reveal to those that read it. Like any good story, the main character is flawed but can be reconciled and redeemed.

The question is … will they be? If so, that will make it worth the read and maybe even a best seller.

Published by Marc Casciani

Bridging brothers & sisters to what's important. Author of Craft Your Calling. Host of the Neighborly Love podcast.

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