Your Neighborhood Sphere

We all need a safe space where we can explore what lies beyond our brokenness and limitations. Even if that space is available for only moments at a time, if it’s truly a safe space, it’s sacred because it also points us to the safe people who love and care about us.

I am grateful for my own broken journey. Through it I’ve discovered my passion, purpose and identity as a coach to serve others in God’s name by creating a safe space to know the mind of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the opportunity to remind my “athletes-in-training” that their dignity is theirs for the taking. I am thankful for the ability to establish vulnerability-based trust with them so I can call them out and up, to catch them when they have nothing left, and to lift them when they’re ready to be strong.

Together, we gain unity of mind and spirit because I seek to stand in their shoes to learn about their experiences, aim to get in their mind to understand their viewpoint, and strive to put myself in their place to imagine what they’re feeling. In these safe spaces, they find their feet and freedom and are transformed to be a safe space for someone else. My teacher is Jesus. His humanity allowed Him to have human experiences, which in turn, gave Him the ability to empathize. With practice, we all can learn to lead like Jesus, the ultimate Leader.

In these safe spaces where they practice, transition occurs. Transition is a phase where some things are ending that they’re not going to go back to and new things are beginning that they’re going to permanently change. Things such as how they think, feel and identify themselves as well as the sphere of influence they’re going to impact. Transition is the process of convergence of their ideal alignment with their ultimate calling. Transition is the process through which they end one season of life and become equipped to enter a fresh season. Through this transition, the leadership style of Jesus is manifested through them, and they are placed in position of influence within a smallest viable audience. We call this audience their neighborhood sphere.

Everybody has a neighborhood sphere of influence, but unfortunately, not everyone discovers it. Everybody has equal opportunity to seek it, but not everyone finds it. I am called to hold the hand of those who want to embark on their quest. Eventually they will be able to see and say, “For this reason, I was born. For this cause, I came into the world.

The moment someone chooses to seek their neighborhood sphere they are a success, no matter what happens. Why? Because success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal and because they are attempting something in faith for the glory of God, they continually progress to that end and cannot be considered a failure. All they needed was a safe space in which to experiment.

Published by Marc Casciani

Bridging brothers & sisters to what's important. Author of Craft Your Calling. Host of the Neighborly Love podcast.

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