It’s Not About Me

It’s not about me.” Think about what life would be like if more of us truly believed that and acted that way.

Such a simple statement, yet so hard to live out. It seems like the world is wired against it … completely backwards, 180 degrees out of phase.

I’ve accepted my purpose in life is to train others to believe it. As a coach, the happiest moments are when you see an athlete “get it”. The lightbulb goes off. They have an AHA moment.

Everything we say and do has power to influence somebody in a very positive way
It’s not just about me mentoring or ministering to a segment of people to help them advance their career; it’s about making women that also in the future are going to be impacting generations upon generations behind them.

Client of the MindWolves personal growth system expressing their AHA Moment

Watch for yourself this coaching session experience and client’s AHA moment (runtime is 5 min … it will open in a new windowplease come back to the story after you watch it!)

Hear what some other clients have to say about their experiences …

I’ve read quite a few personal development books, but Marc’s approach is different and has helped me discover how the calling in my life is woven into my personal and professional self. So many people emphasize a “balance” of work and life and how that balance requires a separation of the two. Working with Marc has opened my eyes to the cadence that comes when we integrate our calling into everything we do. Our purpose is who we are, no matter where we are. For me personally, this realization has brought a great sense of joy in what I do each day.

– Client #1

Before MindWolves, I was lost, frustrated and not happy with myself. I overthought everything which created immense anxiety. I strained personal and business relationships because I had no counsel or direction. But now working with Marc, I have learned to understand how to think, process those thoughts and exercise the mind. I have improved significantly in Mind, Body and Spirit. In many ways, he has saved my life!

– Client #2

Life has a tendency to accelerate as we get older, and that can leave many people neglecting what is most important. That’s where I’ve found myself, on a treadmill filled with priorities that, while important, tend to overtake my real life’s purpose.

In working with Marc I’ve been able to identify what I had started to lose and work on improving and refining what my real purpose is. While I’ll never be able to perfect it, I’ve already seen a positive impact in my life.

I would recommend Marc’s coaching to anyone looking to rebalance and find their true calling.

– Client #3

I’ve written a book to allow anyone who feels unfulfilled, unhappy or unclear about their life to try a 30-day warm up before committing to training with me. It’s available for pre-order until June 4, 2020 at 8 am EDT.

There are four pre-order packages available, two of which contain free coaching sessions. Those packages contain multiple copies of the book which you could gift to others in your family, on your team at work, or friends in your circles. You could use the coaching sessions for yourself or them as well.

I have 6 publishers interested, however the quality of publisher increases if I hit my goal of 500 copies. I really want to attract a top-shelf publisher. The key to hitting the goal are the packages that include free coaching sessions.

Would it be a crazy idea to buy one of these packages today? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Quantities are limited. Act now.

Purchase a (25) copy/(3) session Package by Clicking Here (a $900 value for $500 – 44% off the regular coaching price)
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