The Three Laws of Happiness

Are you happy in your career? Are you doing work that matters?

No? Well, I’ve been in your shoes. I used to feel trapped in the daily grind, conforming to what I thought society expected of me.

Perhaps you’re curious why I assert happiness is something you create? We often look for happiness in the wrong places for the wrong reasons. We don’t understand what true happiness is. True happiness is better described as joy.

There are three laws of happiness:

  1. Happiness starts in your mind. We become what we think about, so happiness flows from right thinking. It’s not a goal, but the result of cultivating a proper mindset and attitude. The word of God is for the heart of man and the way to the heart is through the mind. This is true of anything.
  2. Happiness is a choice. If you look for happiness, you’ll never find it. You’re as happy as you choose to be. Happiness is not a function of your circumstances. Happiness based on feelings is fleeting, but happiness built on habits is enduring.
  3. Happiness is created from good habits. You form habits and then your habits shape you. Habits of any kind take time to develop. They don’t happen overnight. They require constant repetition to become a habit. Therefore, your focus must be on forming good habits. They are just as easy to form as bad habits, but they’re more rewarding.

Like professional athletes training for their sport, members of the MindWolves pack train for their life’s mission by internalizing these laws. They are committed to mastering the habits of happiness. They benefit by connecting with like-minded people to be heard and feel valued. They experience the joy of doing work that really matters, i.e. God’s work.

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Published by Marc Casciani

I’m a life coach that helps people find purpose through mental stillness. I train them to operate within the power of the Holy Spirit to craft their calling.

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