The Model

Outcomes are fickle things. They aren’t always guaranteed by our work and are out of reach from our direct control. We tend to stress about them because they are a measure by which we are judged. Opinions are formed whether we like it or not.

The resulting pressure felt to get the outcomes we want is real. Sometimes, we cut corners that produce short-term results, however they’re not in our best interests in the long-run. This may create the perception we’re improving performance, however the foundation upon which this house is built is faulty.

In order to genuinely improve our performance, we must prepare, plan, practice and execute against a model, not base it on outcomes. The model sets the standard for the behaviors, habits and contributions for ourselves and what we hope to see from others. The model provides the framework for who we want to become, drives consistency in our efforts and forges resiliency in our beliefs.

What’s your model? Do you have a model? Do you want a new model?

If you’re interested in learning about my model, then I’ll share two key aspects of it. It’s not for everybody, but it workes for me.

  • Focus on the Fruit of the Spirit character qualities. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness and Self-Control. I am constantly practicing these qualities and assessing my performance. They are my standards. I’m either becoming more or less loving, kind, gentle or faithful. I’m either gaining more self-control or losing it.
  • In all things God works for the good for those who love him and are called according his purpose. Every outcome is not good. Bad things happen. You won’t always get the results you want. Nonetheless, I’ve learned that God will ensure good results from everything that happens to me in total, provided I love him and operate within the calling he’s given me. That’s why I make time for God every day. That is my standard.

Thank you for allowing me to share these cornerstone aspects of my operating framework. If you want to learn more about my model, then please e-mail me at

Published by Marc Casciani

Bridging brothers & sisters to what's important. Author of Craft Your Calling. Host of the Neighborly Love podcast.

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