Prune Yourself into a Genius

Contrary to popular belief, I subscribe to the notion that geniuses are made not born.  Becoming a genius is within your reach, no matter your race, gender, color, creed or social status.

Geniuses learn their actions open up opportunity.  They understand their job is to solve interesting problems and to lead.  They are generously persistent, showing up day-in, day-out because they care.  Because they have something to share.  Because they want to make things better.

They become more important to more people by helping them.  Yet, they are not consumed by being all things to all people.  Rather, they find and focus on the smallest number of people for which they can be generous, i.e. their smallest viable audience.

I can be a genius.  You can be a genius.

On our quest to become a genius, we need to learn the art of pruning, the act of ridding or clearing unnecessary or undesirable things.  I personally did not appreciate the benefits of pruning until I owned a parcel of land with lots of vegetation.  When I trimmed dead branches from a vine, it’s overall health improved.  When I pruned parts of a rose bush that weren’t bearing roses, parts that we’re producing roses produced even more.  When I cut segments from a tree that were growing out of control, the tree grew into a more beautiful shape.

With my life, as with my land, pruning has become an invaluable tool and one of my most enjoyable habits.  I consider it an art because I’ve learned what works and does work.  I’ve learned where to prune, what to prune, how to prune and when to prune.  I’m pruning myself into a genius.

I was not born resilient, but I have learned resiliency.  I’ve pruned away the youthful brainwashing that taught me to conform.  I now have a curious, contrarian outlook.  Today, I have an energy and positivity about me.  I crave meaningful connection with others.  I give and receive dignity and respect.  I’m not afraid to fail and have a willingness to do it again.

Geniuses are made not born.  Prune yourself into a genius.

Published by Marc Casciani

I’m a life coach that helps people find purpose through mental stillness. I train them to operate within the power of the Holy Spirit to craft their calling.

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