Just Keep Looking, Looking, Looking

I reject the premise that there are unmotivated people.  I believe everyone is motivated by something.  We’re just motivated by different things.  Motivation is an art, not a science.  The trick is to first learn and then lead.  Learn what someone wants, then you can lead them to do what you want.

Most people I’ve met want to know their life’s purpose.  Unfortunately, however, I’ve encountered a few souls who truly don’t care.  They are rotten to the core, have no redeeming qualities and only exist to create chaos and discord.  I believe Hell was created for these people.  Everyone else can be redeemed, and it is to you I address this blog.

No matter how old you are, the hand you’ve been dealt, the circumstances you are in, how good or bad your life is right now, you can find your purpose because you want to find it.  However, you can’t find it by thinking about it or talking about it.  You can only find it by looking for it.  In other words, you can’t find something if you don’t look for it.

What do I mean by looking for it?  I mean taking action, i.e. doing, learning and adapting by trial and error.  And then doing, learning, adapting again.  And again.  Eventually, you will find it.  Trust me.

Just keep looking, looking, looking.

Published by Marc Casciani

Renew your mind. Transform your career. Influence your neighborhood.

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