What Do You Stand For?


What do you stand for? Where do you draw the line? What principles will you adamantly defend?

If you want to live life with clarity of purpose, then you must answer these questions. They define the framework from which you operate. Like a compass, they provide direction.

Here’s what I stand for:

  • I believe in chivalry and will always behave chivalrously towards women. I do this with my wife, daughter, mom, sister, nieces, co-workers and strangers.
  • I believe marriage is a covenant, i.e. agreement, between husband, wife and God. It is to be honored and not broken.
  • My word is my bond. If I say it, then I’ll do it.
  • I don’t need things to be in writing to be held accountable. Handshakes work for me.
  • I will always be faithful in any relationship.
  • I will always help the weak.
  • I believe in giving without any expectation of getting in return.
  • I will not wait for someone else to take the first step.
  • I believe the best defense is a good offense. Being proactive is much better than being reactive.
  • I will always forgive. There is no quota.
  • I will always seek forgiveness. I will admit when I’m wrong. I will confess my sins. Confession is like Drano. It will clear the clogs in any relationship.
  • Before making difficult decisions, I will allow sufficient time to ensure my spirit has the desire to do the right thing. I will pray for a “neutral” attitude so that God’s will can be revealed.
  • I will not covet what someone else has.
  • I will not seek revenge. I will let God settle the score.
  • I want to exhibit the character qualities of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness and Self-Control, and I will strive to develop them in my spirit.

This is what I stand for. These principles give me direction. They provide the foundation of my life’s passion and purpose.

Published by Marc Casciani

I’m a life coach that helps people find purpose through mental stillness. I train them to operate within the power of the Holy Spirit to craft their calling.

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