Lifelong Coachability

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In a recent article titled Are You Coachable? in The Deseret News, Timothy R. Clark says about the term coachability:

As a term, coachability has not officially entered the lexicon of American usage. But it should and perhaps it will at some point, because coachability is not just teachability. It’s not just a willingness to learn. It’s a willingness to unlearn and change. Coachability is a moral capacity that allows a person to accept feedback, acknowledge faults, limitations and deficiencies, and act on the new information. Coachability is a relevant concept everywhere — at home, in the workplace and even on the battlefield.

I love this word. I want lifelong coachability. It’s better than lifelong learning. I don’t just have a willingness to learn, but a willingness to unlearn and change for the better. I don’t just want knowledge, but I want to transform it to information and act on it to improve the quality of life for myself and others.

I realize that achieving this goal is not possible if I’m proud. Rather, I need to be humble. Humility and pride are opposing forces and cannot coexist. Grace is given to the humble. Opposition is shown to the proud.

And I realize my coachability must be retained through the good and the bad in life. I must learn, unlearn and change for the better no matter what happens because every experience is an opportunity to grow and make another version of myself. Marc, version 4 is much better than Marc, version 1.

If my ax is dull and it’s edge unsharpened, I’ll need more strength to chop wood. If I keep it razor-sharp, I can be more productive. The same is true for any skill. If I keep my mind and heart sharp, I will have success.

When I’m disciplined, punished or hurt, I can not be vengeful or bitter. I will let myself mourn for a day and then move on. I will be fordriven™. I will look for a silver lining. If I use it as a training tool, it will produce a harvest of goodness and peace later on in my life. I only need to be patient. I will give thanks in all things because all things will eventually work for my benefit.

Do you want lifelong coachability too? Your life and the lives of others will be better if you do.

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Bridging brothers & sisters to what's important. Author of Craft Your Calling. Host of the Neighborly Love podcast.

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