Calm, Assertive Energy

I’m a big fan of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whispirer. If you are too, then you know all about calm, assertive energy. A goal of mine is to master being calm, assertive. When I’m in that state, I control the mood of my environment. It is peaceful.

If you ever want to know what energy you are emitting, then hang out with a dog. Calm energy. Nervous energy. Fear. Excitement. If you don’t believe me, then try an experiment. It won’t take you long to validate my hypothesis.

This applies to humans too. People sense your energy. It is a function of your emotional state.

So think about being able to control the mood of your environment by being calm, assertive. Think about being able to affect the relationships you have by first entering a state of mind that conveys peace. To do that, you must calm your mind.

Here’s what works for me:

  • I get comfortable in a quiet space (usually sitting in my home office).
  • I close my eyes.
  • I take deep, controlled breaths, inhaling through my noise for 4 seconds and exhaling through my mouth for 4 seconds.  I do this throughout the exercise, focusing on my breathing.
  • I imagine sitting at the bottom of a pond and looking up at the surface.
  • I visualize the sunlight shining through the surface and the stillness of the water.
  • As thoughts enter my mind, I release them and let them float to the surface.
  • I don’t try to prevent thoughts from entering.  I let them enter and as they do, I let them float, while focusing on my breathing.
  • In about 2-4 minutes, my mind is completely clear from thoughts, and I feel peaceful.

Calming my mind is part of my morning ritual and evening ritual.  I also use it when needed throughout the day such as before a meeting, or phone call, or conversation when I feel stressed or in a wrong frame of mind.  I don’t want negative energy to influence my relationships. I want to be calm, assertive. I want to feel peaceful.

When I’m peaceful, I see humor in things that help break the ice or make people comfortable opening up to me. I can be light, happy and fun.

When I’m peaceful, I can help others who are stressed feel more calm and peaceful. Conversations are more productive.

When I’m peaceful, I can bring a clear perspective into any situation. My contribution to a meeting or conversation is more meaningful. I can listen better and speak only when appropriate. I’m often told that I’m usually quite, but when I have something to say, it’s important and people listen.

When I’m peaceful, I am more patient, compassionate and affectionate. Empathy is uninhibited to flow from my heart. My mind is free from selfishness and able to think of the feelings of others.

Set a goal for yourself to master being calm, assertive. Calm your mind and get to know peace. It will be a game changer in your relationships and life.

Published by Marc Casciani

Bridging brothers & sisters to what's important. Author of Craft Your Calling. Host of the Neighborly Love podcast.

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