Take 2 “Gratefuls” and Call Me in the Morning

One of my good habits is my morning ritual. When I wake up each new day, I make a cup of coffee, sit comfortably in my home office, calm my mind, ask myself a series of questions and journal my answers. The first question is:  What and whom am I grateful for today? I write downContinue reading “Take 2 “Gratefuls” and Call Me in the Morning”

Lifelong Coachability

In a recent article titled Are You Coachable? in The Deseret News, Timothy R. Clark says about the term coachability: As a term, coachability has not officially entered the lexicon of American usage. But it should and perhaps it will at some point, because coachability is not just teachability. It’s not just a willingness to learn. It’sContinue reading “Lifelong Coachability”