Pack Material

Career vs. Calling (Craig Groeschel interview of Paula Faris)

Lessons for Managers Trailer by Horst Schulze

Earl Nightingale’s Narrative of the story Acres of Diamonds

Craig Groeschel Podcast – Q&A: Excellence Wins with Horst Schulze

GLS Podcast – Episode 042: Bob Goff with Jason Jaggard – Living Life to the Fullest

GLS Podcast – Episode 024: Carly Fiorina – What is leadership?

GLS Podcast – Episode 025: Albert Tate – Lead with leftovers

GLS Podcast – Episode 027: Joseph Grenny – Mastering the Skill of Influence

Einstein’s Happiest Thought

In Just 10 Words, The Former CEO of Ford Motor Company Explains the Purpose of Life

GLS Podcast – Episode 035: Danny Meyer – Setting the Table (Hospitality in Business)

GLS Podcast – Episode 037: Chip Heath with Craig Groeschel – The Power of Moments

GLS Podcast – Episode 010: Horst Schulze – What Customers Want

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