Your Journey

At MindWolves, we’ve developed a system to transform your career into an entrepreneurial ministry, and we’d be grateful for the opportunity to “hold your hand” throughout the journey. It’s called The Fordriven System®.

The Fordriven System transforms your life. It trains you for your calling.

While it’s true that beliefs influence behavior, the inverse is also true. Behavior drives beliefs. New behaviors shape new beliefs.

In other words, new habits till the soil of your heart which opens you up to forgiveness. Forgiveness is an emotional need we all have, whether we realize it or not:

  • The need to forgive ourselves
  • The need to forgive others
  • The need to be forgiven

Only then can we live a forward-driven life, rather than one looking in the rear-view mirror. That’s what fordriven means.

Changing behaviors changes beliefs, which unlocks the door to forgiveness and empowers us to feel successful. Success, in this context, is defined as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

The Fordriven System transforms your life. The starting point is an awareness assessment to baseline where you are today. By developing the habits of happiness, you will become “fordriven” to serve others in God’s name and transform your career into an entrepreneurial ministry. Through trial and error, you’ll be “refined by the fire” and eventually cross finish line to claim your reward, life’s holy grail. Continuous monitoring, learning and improvement of your mind-heart balance is required.

The Fordriven System®: No claim is made to the exclusive right to use “system” apart from the mark as shown.

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