Win Humble

Win Humble is a program for head coaches of high-school athletics. It enables them to instill the highest form of leadership in their young athletes: relentlessly winning in your mind, every single day. It empowers student-athletes to control how they react to what life and the game throws at them. It strengthens them academically and athletically and forges a cohesive team. It disciplines the team to relentlessly train for extreme resilience before adversity strikes. It codifies an action system within them to prevent freezing and always be moving forward.

With the Win Humble system, athletes start and end their days by clearing and calming their minds and answering a sequence of questions designed for gratitude attribution, positive visualization, and constructive learning. Morning and Evening Rituals become foundational habits upon which their minds, and the team, are built.

The mission, vision, and values of the Win Humble program are the following:


The mission of the Win Humble program is for every athlete to focus on giving their best effort every day. It’s less about the outcome than it is about whether they put in the best effort relative to the team’s potential.


Win Humble’s vision for every athlete is to use their talents and gifts to serve the team, not themselves. Winning is associated with success, but not wins and losses. Success is peace of mind knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming. Win or lose, we do so with humility and gratitude.


  • Start each day with a positive outlook. We have an attitude of gratitude.
  • When something doesn’t go our way, we choose to stay positive. We may not have control over what happens, but we can choose how we react.
  • Learn from losses. We won’t allow ourselves to go into a dark place when things don’t work out. Thinking back on how we felt and what we did on the field is a greater positive than whatever benefits might have come from winning.
  • Be mentally tough. Mental toughness is centered on doing the best we can in the present while believing we can do even better in the future.
  • We are never victims. We gain nothing if we get angry or frustrated. By staying in that place, we will just make things worse. We will get off the X to move forward.

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