Welcome to MindWolves®. We’re so grateful you stopped by. Our mission is to transform careers into entrepreneurial ministries. It’s inspired by the Native American story, The Tale of Two Wolves. There is a fight that goes on inside all of us, a terrible fight, and it’s between two wolves that battle in our minds.

The Tale of Two Wolves

Like professional athletes training for a sport, members of the MindWolves pack train for their calling by mastering the habits of happiness. They benefit by connecting with like-minded people to be heard and feel valued. They experience the joy of doing work and gaining influence in God’s name.

We often look for happiness in the wrong places for the wrong reasons. We don’t understand what true happiness is. True happiness is better described as joy. There are three laws of happiness:

  1. Happiness starts in your mind. We become what we think about, so happiness flows from right thinking. It’s not a goal, but the result of cultivating a proper mindset and attitude.
  2. Happiness is a choice. If you look for happiness, you’ll never find it. You’re as happy as you choose to be. Happiness is not a function of your circumstances. Happiness based on feelings is fleeting, but happiness built on habits is enduring.
  3. Happiness is created from good habits. You form habits and then your habits shape you. Habits of any kind take time to develop. They don’t happen overnight. They require constant repetition to become a habit. Therefore, your focus must be on forming good habits. They are just as easy to form as bad habits, but they’re more rewarding.

My name is Marc Casciani, and I founded MindWolves to serve professionals like you. I would humbly welcome the opportunity to train you for your calling. I believe you’ll find me to be part alpha wolf and part caring shepherd. Alpha wolves lead and defend their pack. Caring shepherds correct and heal their flock. The net effect is a courageous and compassionate helper that will shape you to do God’s work.

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